Customers' FAQ's

Q. What type of work do you do?

A. Mostly container work, with some Tautliner work and Tilts.

Q. What areas do you cover?

A. The entire UK mainland from strategic locations.

Q. What type of goods do you carry?

A. Ambient, frozen and chilled products.

Q. Do you run tankers?

A. We do not have tankers on our fleet, however if a customer wishes us to move a tanker based product, we can provide such a service.

Q. Do you do multi-drops?

A. Mostly we do “Tip and Load” however we can do multi-drops as a contract basis.

Q. Can you provide a consultancy service?

A. With the vast amount of knowledge and industry experience available to us, we are more than capable of providing consultancy services. However, our core business is providing a high quality haulage and distribution service.

Q. Do you do contract work?

A. Absolutely. We have a dedicated Distribution team who manage all our contract work ensuring you are looked after to a very high standard.

Q. Can you supply vehicles and drivers to our company in our own livery?

A. Yes. We currently have over 100 vehicles on our fleet which are in our customers' own livery.

Q. What information do you need to quote for our work?

A. The most important points initially are:

  • The journey
  • The commodity albeit container movement, or full/part-load distribution work
  • The amount of movement or tonnage involved
  • Would you require stand trailers?

Drivers FAQ’s

Q. Can I be out based near home?

A. No, we only work out of our own depots.

Q. Is it tramping work?

A. Its a mixture of local and distance.

Q. Nights out?

A. 3 to 4 nights out a week.

Q. What are the wages like?

A. All LGV1 drivers' join on our Holiday Relief contract (permanent work). Starting salary is £430 per week, plus nights out at £22.50, £2 a day meal allowance, plus a fuel bonus. An additional £10 per week is paid if you are ADR qualified.

Q. Do you supply a uniform?

A. Yes. All our drivers are provided with a full uniform, PPE Equipment, etc.

Q. Do you employ agency staff?

A. No. From the beginning we decided the company would not use agency drivers and have implemented this policy vigorously. We believe this has benefited the business.